Chocolate Gift Boxes

Treat yourself or a loved one with a box of handmade chocolates, from quirky modern designs to traditional pralines, we have a huge selection. All of our chocolates are all made daily in the traditional way. Our selection drawn from:

  1. Mango & Vanilla – Dark Chocolate Jockey Cap with a Fresh Mango & Vanilla Ganache
  2. Almond Praline – Dark Chocolate with a Milk Chocolate Almond Praline
  3. Anglesey Salted Caramel – Milk Chocolate Shell with an Anglesey Sea Salted Caramel
  4. Amalfi Limoncello – Dark Chocolate with a Limoncello & Fresh Lemon Ganache
  5. Walnut Praline – Milk Chocolate Walnut Shell with a Walnut & Hazelnut Praline
  6. Hazelnut Leaf – Milk Chocolate Leaf with a Milk Chocolate and Crushed Wafer Praline
  7. Irish Cream – Dark Chocolate Shamrock with a Baileys Milk Chocolate Ganache
  8. Dulce de Leche – Milk Chocolate Skull with an Argentinian Caramel
  9. Cherry Puree V – Dark Chocolate with a Fresh Cherry Ganache
  10. Cleopatra Rose V – Dark Chocolate with a Rose Fondant (Turkish Delight Inspired)
  11. Passionfruit Diamond V – Dark Chocolate Diamond with a Fresh Passionfruit Ganache
  12. Whisky & Ginger – Milk Chocolate with a Single Malt Whisky & Ginger Ganache (Dixie Dean Laurel Wreath Inspired)
  13. Café Espresso – Dark Chocolate with an Espresso Ganache
  14. Toffee Mint – Everton Inspired Blue Dome, Milk Chocolate with a Toffee Mint Caramel
  15. Hazelnut & Cognac – Dark Chocolate Horseshoe with a Hazelnut & Cognac Ganache
  16. Ivory Vanilla – White Piano with a Smooth Vanilla Ganache
  17. Marc de Champagne – White Chocolate Heart with a Champagne Truffle Filling
  18. Retro Lime Barrel V – Dark Chocolate Barrel with a Sharp Lime Ganache
  19. Marmalade Caramel – Milk Chocolate Dome with a Marmalade & Cointreau Caramel
  20. Banana & Rum – Dark Chocolate with a Banana & Rum Ganache
  21. Strawberry & Pimms – Milk Chocolate with a Fresh Strawberry & Pimms Ganache (Hint of Cucumber)
  22. Pyramint Fondant V – Dark Chocolate Pyramid with a Soft Mint Fondant
  23. Mandarin Crown V – Dark Chocolate Crown with a Fresh Mandarin Ganache
  24. Cassis Tulip – Dark Chocolate Tulip with a Ruby Chocolate & Blackcurrant Ganache
  25. Botanic Gin – Dark Chocolate Flower with a Milk Chocolate Gin Ganache
  26. Hazelnut Shrimp – Milk Chocolate Shrimp with a Hazelnut Praline Centre
  27. Highland Butterscotch – Milk Chocolate Shield with a Sweet Muscovado Butterscotch Ganache (Hint of Single Malt)
  28. Scottish Bramble V – Dark Chocolate with a Scottish Raspberry & Blackberry Ganache (Scottish Flag Design)
  29. Peach & Champagne – Milk Chocolate Rose with a White Peach & Champagne Ganache
  30. Luna Chai – Dark Chocolate Moon with a Chai Latte Ganache 
  31. Almond & Coconut – White Chocolate Golf Ball Sphere with an Almond & Coconut Praline
  32. French Apricot V – Dark Chocolate Delice with a French Style Apricot Ganache
  33. Framboise Red V – Dark Chocolate Red Football Sphere with a Fresh Raspberry Ganache (Bill Shankly Inspired)
  34. Honey Cube – Milk Chocolate Cube with a Southport Honey Ganache
  35. Hazelnut Trio – Dark Chocolate Trio with a Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Praline
  36. Peanut Butter Acorn – Milk Chocolate Acorn with a White Chocolate Peanut Praline
  37. Crystallised Mint – Archie Leitch Inspired Design Dark Chocolate with a Slightly Crunchy Mint Ganache
  38. White Praline – White Chocolate Shell with a Milk Chocolate Praline
  39. Pistachio Marzipan – Dark Chocolate Enrobed Pistachio Marzipan
  40. Crème Brulee – Milk Chocolate Truffle with a White Chocolate Sweet Brulee Ganache

Christmas Selection:

  1. Caramel Santa – Milk Chocolate Santa with Soft Caramel
  2. Mulling Spice Dome – Milk Chocolate Dome with a Mulling Spiced Ganache
  3. Christmas Pudding Dome V – Dark Chocolate Dome filled with Christmas Pudding Inspired Ganache
  4. Rum & Raisin – Milk Chocolate Barrel with a Rum & Raisin Ganache
  5. Christmas Sprout Truffle – White Chocolate Sprout Truffle filled with Vanilla Ganache
  6. Amaretto Truffle – Milk Chocolate Truffle with an Amaretto Ganache